REACT Team 2620: Blog en-us (C) REACT Team 2620 (REACT Team 2620) Fri, 19 Feb 2021 22:04:00 GMT Fri, 19 Feb 2021 22:04:00 GMT REACT Team 2620: Blog 120 96 REACT - 2019 - Paul Deaver Awarded for 30+ years of service The Oklahoma County REACT Team was honored to present member Paul Deaver with a plaque celebrating his 30+ years of dedicated service to the team.  We are grateful for volunteers like Paul who continues to put forth the effort and time to keep our team going.   Thank you Paul from all of us on Team 2620!! 



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REACT - Memorial Marathon 2019 Memorial Marathon

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REACT - St Patricks Day Parade 2019 St Patricks Day Parade


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REACT - MLK Parade Oklahoma County REACT was honored to help with the OKC MLK Parade on January 21.  We manned 8 posts with 10 was a GREAT turnout. 

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REACT - Opening Night REACT Team 2620 was on scene to help secure the perimeter for the Fireworks team along with assisting OKCPD and County in closing of several intersections around the fireworks team.  We ran radio communications with the Pyro team and the OKC Fire Marshall.   It was a cold but fun evening.   Happy New Year! 


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REACT - Harrah Lights Parade REACT was excited to be in the Harrah Lights Parade for the second year in a row.  The turn out was amazing the crowd loved the lights and sirens!  

IMG_2417IMG_2417 IMG_2419IMG_2419 IMG_2420IMG_2420 IMG_2421IMG_2421 IMG_2422IMG_2422 IMG_2423IMG_2423

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REACT - Cowboy Christmas Parade The REACT team was invited to participate in the 2018 Stockyards Cowboy Christmas parade.   We were proud to be a part of the unique Oklahoma Stockyards event. 

IMG_1507IMG_1507 IMG_1508IMG_1508 IMG_1510IMG_1510 IMG_1511IMG_1511 IMG_1512IMG_1512 IMG_1513IMG_1513

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REACT - Race for the Cure This important annual event raises significant funds for the breast cancer movement, thanks to supporters and survivors around the world who step up and take action by fundraising for the cause and REACT was glad to be able to be part of this event.   REACT helped to close several lanes of traffic and intersections to help keep the participants safe.  

In addition to raising funds for the breast cancer movement, the event also increases awareness, celebrates breast cancer survivorship and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.

These passionate supporters and survivors are not content to simply say they support the breast cancer cause, or wear a pink ribbon. They turn their support into action. They recognize the need to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer, and they get to work.


REACT Race for the Cure

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